Let’s get really honest for a second. We love our handbags—we dote on them—but we’re not always nice to them. That’s because when it comes down to it, we’re busy women and we don’t have time to care for our bags.

Yes, we’ll do our best to hang our handbag on the back of a chair instead of placing it on the floor, and to keep it cleaned out, at least that first week. Then, life happens: we drop our handbag on the floor; our makeup bag pops open and face powder spills everywhere. Our handbags are durable, but they’re not destruction proof.

If you want to ensure that your satchels, purses, shoulder bags, and totes stay in mint condition, follow these eight tips for keeping your handbag stunning for years to come.


1. Store It Properly

Don’t be tempted to throw your handbag on the ground or kitchen table when you get home.

And your closet? It can be a death trap for bags!
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Instead, make your bag last longer by storing it in an upright position and using a dust bag or cotton pillowcase to store your bag in. This is a particularly good idea when storing your bag for the season.

To keep your Ludovica doubly protected, stuff it with scarves, sweaters, or tissue paper to help it hold its shape. The key: never store inside a plastic or vinyl bag that traps moisture and cross the handles over each other to avoid wear.

2. Clean Immediately

Life happens. You’re going to stain your handbag at one time or another. The key is to remove stains immediately.
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  • Food: Crush white chalk on the stain, let sit overnight, and brush off in the morning.
  • Oil: Rub on cornstarch until oil is absorbed and then brush off.
  • Ink or Dirt: Use a white eraser to immediately erase the spot.
  • Water: Blot the water and let it dry naturally.

As for odor removal, fill a plastic bag with baking soda and place it in your bag for one to two days until the odor is absorbed.

3. Protect the Inside

The inside of your handbag is going to see the most wear, so do your best to protect it.

Don’t allow your makeup, keys, pens, and money free-float in your purse. Use a wallet and pouches to keep everything contained.
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As a side benefit, you’ll also be more organized. Pouches can protect you from ink leaks, melting lipstick, and a whole host of other issues.

4. Avoid Dirty Hands

We’ve all taken our purse into the restroom, and that’s typical, but it can cause some problems. One of the best ways to protect your handbag from wear and tear is to handle it with clean hands.
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Your hands are packed full of dirt, natural oils, and daily grime. If you do have to touch your bag with dirty hands, try to only touch the handles until you can wash up.

5. Be Careful of Metal

Our Caracas Handbag is gorgeous with all that metal detailing, but it can cause an issue. Metal, when not handled correctly, can scratch your bag and even get scratched up itself.
When storing your bag, make sure the metal zippers and features are stored correctly so they don’t tarnish or scratch your purse.

6. Repair Immediately

Just as we told you to clean your bag immediately, the same goes for repairs. If your zipper breaks or you get a small tear in your bag from poor handling, don’t wait to get it fixed.
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Instead, take your handbag into a professional immediately and repair even the smallest damage a.s.a.p.

7. Swap Out Your Bags

You might have a favorite handbag, but that doesn’t mean you should use it every day for years.
Instead, swap out your handbag every few weeks. By rotating your favorite Alessia Soulder Bag with your other favorite Benedetta Tote, you can ensure that they both stay looking like new for far longer.

8. Daily Maintenance

Finally, the key is to implement a regular handbag maintenance routine.

  • Keep your bag out of direct sunlight; this applies to where you set your bag in the office or at the restaurant.
  • Wipe your bag down on a weekly basis with a soft, white cloth to remove oils and dirt.
  • Avoid setting your handbag on counters or floors in public places to avoid dirt and grime buildup on the bottom of your bag.

We promise that if you take care of your handbag, it will take care of you for years to come!

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