Best Handbag Colour to Carry at Work if You Have Only One Option

Is it you who are looking to figure out what colour handbag should you buy? Which handbag colour will be suited most and will gel with almost all colour outfits? Which handbag colour is the best when you are at your work in formals?
Are you unsure how you can maximize your purse’s (i.e. handbag) versatility with different colours in your wardrobe? If so, you have landed up at the right place.
Most of the times, we working women keep glaring end number of handbags online and still can’t figure out which one to order. And, the reason behind confusion is neither the brand nor the cost of that handbag. But, it could be silly one like colour or style.
In addition, when you have to carry only one handbag at your work, it is the most complicated question for you. However, one thing is sure, after reading this blog; your query would be clarified ☺

Common handbag colours

1. Black / Dark brown:

Often it’s taught at the growing age that do not carry a brown bag if you are wearing black and vice versa. But most of us end up doing the same. Who cares especially in a hurry? However, if your handbag is made up of leather, both colours will add a splash to your style.
MIQL Tip: For any occasion, at any time and at any place — a black colour handbag is indeed a wardrobe saviour. It was and it is — always the most preferred “go-to” option.

2. Burgundy:

Burgundy is a colour that symbolises love and affection — it gels awesome with black and brown outfits. If you have to wear a uniform at your work, that is either black or brown, go for burgundy!
But, it equally looks funny and strange if you carry it with outfits’ coloured yellow or parrot green. Also, burgundy is not considered as a formal colour. And people don’t prefer it to wear at least at the time of interview.
MIQL Tip: The burgundy as a handbag colour looks elegant but often it is not the most preferred pick for the office environment. So think twice, before you buy it as a work bag.

3. Beige:

There are hardly any women on the earth who will not have any beige purse in her wardrobe. A beige colour handbag gives the feeling of “organised” and gels with each and every outfit — pretty similar to black colour handbag.
MIQL Tip: If you prefer beige colour handbag, check for washing and cleaning instructions first because light beige can catch dust real soon and a spotty handbag just spoils your personality.

4. Blue:

No, blue is no more a male dominant colour. It is equally bought by female. In fact, it signifies an employee being a good team player. A navy blue colour handbag can be the perfect pick for any profile, any industry.
MIQL Tip: If you have an unstable or drama-filled workplace, blue is a great colour to wear to offset the stress.

Closing thoughts:

As they say, colours affect our moods and how others perceive us. Choose your workbag / handbag colour cautiously.
In our very next (sequel) blog, we shall talk further about the best colour handbags to carry at work when you have to carry only one. And there, we shall focus on contemporary colours. Stay tuned to our blogs for all latest and freshest style tips.

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