How to Choose a Travel Bag That is Perfect For You

As they say, travel is the only thing you buy, that makes you richer. When you think of travelling, what is the very first thing you’ll need? None other than a travel bag, isn’t it? A travel bag is one of the most trusted travel partners. It carries all your stuff that you need during your outing.
MIQL Tip: Your travel bag should be able to carry all your clothes, accessories, and at the same time it should be light.
There are varieties of weekender travel bags available in the market. Sadly, not all travel bags are created keeping all comfort and style in the mind. You need to choose your travel bag based on the purpose of your travelling.
“To travel is to live.” — Hans Christian Andersen
To ensure that your travel bag is perfect for you, here are the important pointers to check:
Adventure tourism is growing fast. Are you an active and adventurous traveler? Then, backpack is the travel bag you should own.
Backpacks are often made with sturdy materials that can lift your water bottles, energy drinks, trekking clothes, and other quick wears.
A backpack has always been most preferred bag for vacationers.

2. For long vacation — rolling suitcase

Did you know: A rolling suitcase were invented in 1970
A rolling suitcase is ideal for you when you need to stay away from home for a longer time. Obviously, when you go out for a long vacation, you need to carry mini-home with you. For that, you need a travel case that can fit all your requirements in an organised manner. Here, no other option than a rolling suitcase fits best. Further, its straps, wheels, and a trolley handle provide you ease and comfort. You can carry tons of weight and still feel light on your wrists. All credit goes to the wheels that help you make your travel less strenuous.

3. For sightseers — shoulder bags

When your travel purpose is sightseeing, you need something more than a handbag that carries your stuff. A travel bag is usually large in size because it is meant to hold lot many things. However, a shoulder bag is highly preferred to carry the essential things you need for your next sightseeing adventure in the city.
A cute, fancy, and utilitarian shoulder bag gives you easy access to the things you need for a whole or half-day outing. And, you need not to carry the entire bulky luggage with you.

4. Casual trips — duffel bags

duffel bag is almost everyone’s favorite travel bag. Duffel bags are often lighter than standard luggage, and still they can hold a lot of stuff. People who are into sports or active hobbies always opt for a duffel bag. It is not as flexible as a trolley bag or a rolling suitcase. However, it is best suited for weekend getaways. Its cylindrical design makes it a practical container of clothes.

5. Fashionable adventurers — tote bag

A stylish traveler wants both appearance and utility in their travel bag. Here, tote bag is the best fit option. By carrying a tote during your travel, you can balance style and comfort. It looks elegant in your hands and at the same time it carries all your necessities in a segregated manner.

Travel tip of the day…!

Not only your purpose of travelling, but your mode of transportation also play a huge role in the selection of your travel bag. Especially if you are travelling via air, check the baggage requirements for each flight on your itinerary.
MIQL Tip: If you shop for a travel bag online, order it at least a month before your trip. If you feel the bag isn’t right for your travel purpose, you can replace it in due time.
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