Which Bag Should I Carry at Work?

When it comes to your profession or your job, you become more conscious on how you present yourself in front of your peers. You always want to sound confident and look pleasing at your work desk. Isn’t it? Yep, because it’s a human nature… You can’t escape from it.
One of the important accessories in your work life is your handbag that you carry at work. Unless your handbags are comfortable, you cannot really enjoy your day.
Spacious, elegant and durable handbags are one of the necessary dilemmas of your office life.


If you have to carry weight loads on daily basis, backpacks are apparent to opt for. They provide comfort, back support and enough room to store your stuffs like laptop, books, stationery and others. Depending upon your job profile and utility criteria, pick a colour or style of your backpack. Colours like black and brown are forever in corporate fashion.
If you bike to work, a backpack is basically the only reasonable choice.
The Workplace
Another reason why you need a backpack to carry at work is its utility in a compact manner. A backpack with a laptop sleeve, especially one with a couple of small pockets, eases packing your lunch or gym clothes to work without having to carry them around all day in your hand or another bag.
Remember, it goes without saying that the backpack you choose to carry at work should not be the same one you carry at your gym or go camping / trekking with, either.

Tote Bags

Did you know tote bags provide dual advantage? You can use it for books and other stuff on weekdays and as a purse on weekends! How convenient! Definitely, tote bags are more stylish than backpacks to carry at work.
MIQL Tip : If you carry a tote in your arm, your overall outfit look polished and pulled-together
Size of your handbag matters most. If your tote bag isn’t spacious enough, perhaps you would not be able to carry as much as a backpack. Whether to go for a tote bag or a backpack is a trade-off decision. But, if style is your priority, go for a tote and if comfort is your priority, go for a backpack.

Messenger Bags

Similar to a backpack, messenger bags are also a great alternative if you want to carry your laptop or gym clothes.
MIQL Tip : Style wise, if you posses a laid-back look, perhaps it will be easy for you to sway a messenger bag
Depending on how much you have to carry at work, you can select from huge luggage-style bags to tiny cross-body swing bags. It’s up to you!
A messenger bag can be really cute when you want to stand out from the crowd because not many women have them as a work bag!

Style tip of the day…!

It merely depends on your personality, more than what you need to carry. Remember, you need stuff but you don’t want mess.

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