Which is The Best Handbag Style for Moms with Toddlers?

No wonder why every mom with kids needs big handbags. There is so much to carry when you go out with your tiny tots. Take a look at topmost 5 handbag styles, and figure out which handbag styles you prefer most while going out with your cutie pie.
As blogger Candice Williams of Baby Gizmo advises, “Know your needs. Do you like being hands free? Do you prefer a bag that looks like a purse? How much do you need to pack? Figuring all this out before you start looking will help you narrow down your search.”
These are the aspects to look for by moms with toddlers while selecting a handbag style.
1. Cross body bag:
Do you need a purse that can fit all your kid’s essentials, but at the same time, it is not at all bulky? Behold this cross body bag. You definitely need this since you’ll be running after your little mover 24/7.
2. Stylish and spacious wristlet
Want to go you to the park in the evening, directly from the office? You definitely need a stylish handbag that is a diaper bag in disguise. Go for this! It’s beautiful as well as functional. It can carry your office stuff as well as kids’ items like wipes, diapers, feeding bottles and tethers.

MIQL Tip: Carrying wristlets make you look younger than you actually are.
3. Backpacks
Have more than one toddler? Going for a morning walk, with your little one in a stroller and elder one out of stroller? You need no other than a cute backpack with multiple pockets to keep your essentials in an organised manner. Backpacks also help you carry the weight of bag on your both shoulders evenly. Here it is!

MIQL Tip: Backpacks as diaper bags are best for both moms and dads.
4. Wristlets
Are you super fond of leathers? Then go for none other than a leather tote. It gives you stylish and elegant look as well as it can carry good amount of weight. What a great value for money! It’s a trendy hand bag, at the same time not a bulky diaper bag.
5. Bowling Bag
Wan an ever changing diaper bag that fits all your purse needs? Go for this floral print bag with multi pockets to keep everything safe and secure at your fingertips. Also, floral prints have a remarkable presence in fashion industry. Floral prints with bright colours, gorgeous designs and beautiful patterns are wrapped in this cute diaper bag to cheer you up and make you look pretty! What are you waiting for then?Go and get it now!
Parenting Tip of the day:
While buying the best handbag styles for moms with toddlers, adhere to the below mentioned criteria:● Affordable and durable● Fashionable and cute● Zippered pockets

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