Leather Guns brand was born from the idea of wanting to s Each of our products is one of a kind as it is created by hand. This means that each piece is enriched by the personality of the material that lends itself to every single dyeing and washing, giving a subtle and particular charm to the wearer, and it is precisely the satisfaction of those who have chosen our product the impulse of passion to continue to search and recommend beautiful and timeless objects.

The processing of vegetable tanning has ancient origins and has over time a considerable development in craftsmanship. Tuscany boasts the best tradition in the processing of vegetable tanning that has been handed down for centuries by various master tanners with continuous application and great capacity for inventiveness, creating and modifying classic recipes, adapting the processing to Florentine production.

The process of vegetable tanning requires several steps. The processing starts from raw hides to turn into leather in full respect of nature. A fundamental characteristic of vegetable tanning is the natural tanners, extracted from the wooing of the trees, an active ingredient that modifies the raw hide in a resistant, compact material that is pleasant to the touch due to its softness and unique texture.